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Radiographic element with UV absorbation compound in

4. The radiographic image-recording element of claim 1, wherein: R1 2-pyrrolidono; cyclohyexyl; phenyl; phenyl substituted with alkyl, alkoxy

Loudspeaker enclosure with multiple acoustically isolated

four closely spaced full-range small loudspeakers Classes: H04R1/28; (IPC1-7): H04R1/28 air therethrough at said low bass frequencies for


2017723-1 WIRE HYDRAULIC HOSE 1 PIECE COIL SAE 100R1AT 1/4" 328.08' 3250PSI-WP in Business Industrial, Hydraulics, Pneumatics Pumps, P

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2006619- especially on an industrial scale, to obtain where R1 and R2 each independently are hydrogen 4 --, -(CH2)5 -- or --(CH2)2 --O--

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1/101 Page 9 of 17 Table 4 Sequence Xpr1 + + + - Entry: glycosylation + - -+ 8. Hartley JW, Wolford NK, Old LJ, Rowe WP:

Process for producing an acidic polycyclic ether antibiotic

A new acidic polycyclic ether antibiotic, CP-63,517, having the formula: ##STR1## and cationic salts thereof produced by submerged aerobic propagation

Condensation polymer containing the residue of a poly-methine

##STR1## wherein each R1 is independently selected from cyano, carboxy, A is 1,4-phenylene; and L is alkylene, alkylene--O--alkylene,

Effects of NO x control and plume mixing on nighttime

1 Hz) instruments at the nominal 100 m sÀ(R1)–(R4) are taken from lit- erature 1 18.7 2 24.9 3 20.5 4 35.1 5 29.5

Reduced residue hard surface cleaner

(a) an effective amount of at least one organic solvent with a vapor ##STR1## wherein R1 is C5-20 alkyl, R2 and R3 are both C1-4

tie-dyed1 Regulates carbohydrate accumulation in

determined using the Students two-tailed t- Quick WP, Kuhn C, Hirner B, Frommer WB (1 mutant is defective in the R1 protein, a

cavity ring-down instrument for NO3, N2O5, NO, NO2 and O3

2011628-4 × 1014 (∼16 ppmv at 1 atm and 298 K via Reactions (R1) and (R2) (Fuchs et al.WP-3 aircraft and is typically 80–100 hPa

Clinical findings in cats with dilated cardiomyopathy and

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Alpha-(2,4-dihydroxy)phenyl N-phenyl nitrone and its use in

The present invention relates to a mononitrone of the formula: ##STR1## The amount of alpha-(2,4-dihydroxy)phenyl N-phenyl nitrone which is used

Polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane nanocrystal

each group —O—Si(R1)2-L-(R2)q is bound the subscript m is an integer from 1 to 20;hose adapter nitrogen gas could be passed into

What Do Capacity Deployment Rates Tell Us about the

100 kWp) from 2006 to 2013. Year 2006 2007 at 25% during the projects operation and that since large-scale RES-E plants required

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S~flfa(Q1; 1; Qz) = +J(Ql; l)r;flf(CZ ++C4)j Ai+wp = A,(Qz ++Q,) i=1,(e.g. for the SSC collider R1 is as high

Reduced residue hard surface cleaner

Baker et al., U.S. Pat. No. 4,690,779, ##STR3## wherein R1 is C6-20 alkyl, R2 The results were graded on a scale of 1 to

Histone H2B ubiquitylation and H3 lysine 4 methylation

201154-One explanation for how overexpression of Sir4 GCR1, PGM2, CYB5, RIP1, QCR7, TPI1, Geng F, Tansey WP (2008). Polyubiquitylation of

Area Inequalities for Embedded Disks Spanning Unknotted Curves

at least exponential in L/r, and that there 1 and thickness rn 1/n, with the property Then there is a constant r1 0 with the

Rest frame of bubble nucleation

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Early patterning and specification of cardiac progenitors in

2014107-genitors, for example spanning the left and (Figure 1N–O and Figure 1—figure supple- probeA-R1: 5′- GTAGAGAGAAAGGCCATTCGGTCTG -3

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2003720-amount of one or more compounds of formula I: R1 represents a halogen atom or a C1-4 Wettable Powder (WP) Active Ingredient TTP 60

RKPM Approach to Elastic-Plastic Fracture Mechanics with

1 is recommended [Lu, Belytschko, Gu (1994)].(x) r1 xC xr 2 (x) (c) Figure 5: (1995): Wavelet and multiple scale reproducing


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The Human Embryonic Stem Cells Transcriptome: How Much Do We

at hESC Transcriptome HES3 lab vs HES4 lab 1eA large-scale proteome comparison for mESCs and electrophoresis database of murine R1 embryonic

Alkane diol foam controlling agents

(C12-C15E12) when added at 0.2 wt % to 6. The method of claim 1 in which R1 and if scales are used, the higher the number,